As mentioned in my website design post, I’m semi-retired. It gives me a lot of time for goofing off. I’m not all that old but I worked hard all my life and did all the things that average people do to “get ahead”. It didn’t always sit well with me because I don’t consider myself average.

A few years back I found myself with a wife, 2 kids, a mini-van and a house in the suburbs, looking forward to about another 20 years of working hard at a job I wasn’t thrilled with and then retirement. I also found myself with a terminal cancer diagnosis.

The wife didn’t want to be burdened with that so she bailed. I don’t blame her. I gave her the house ( a story in itself) and the mini-van. One of the kids was grown & moved out and the other one soon followed. I prepared for my imminent demise.

I went around and found the people I had lost touch with and said my goodbyes, checked my bucket list to make sure I hadn’t missed anything (nope, did it all) and headed into cancer treatment at the request of the love of my life (not the wife). After 3 months of absolutely horrible cancer treatments and another 10 months of even worse recovery my doctors call me in to tell me that they are astounded. I have not only survived with only a 15% chance but I seem to be cancer-free!

OK! Now what? I’m supposed to be dead. I’ve given away everything I have, severed all my emotional ties and said my goodbyes. I’m not going to start over because the cancer is likely to come back at any time and kill me.

I decide (as a lot of cancer survivors do) to just enjoy the rest of my life. That’s what I’m up to. I work when I need to and spend the rest of my time doing things for me. things that I enjoy doing.

You can find me digging for gold in a creek, building and playing in boats, riding mountain bikes and building trails. It’s a fine life.

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