Steve Cross

Well here I am, still alive. I never thought I’d make it this far. Some of you know me from my youth, some from my business career, some from my trail building and I expect a few don’t know me at all.

A quick run down for the people who don’t know about the other parts of my life, just in case they are interested.

I was born in Canada from immigrant parents. I spent my childhood in a small town and grew up on the water, and in the woods and fields. I’ve lived in large cities, small towns, on farms, on the water and WAY out in the bush. The latter is my preference, with on the water being a close second.

My accomplishments of note in order of my pride in them are:

Raised 2 children and fathered a third.
Built many miles of mountain bike and hiking trails.
Saved 2 lives. Both potential drowning victims.
Loved passionately. I won’t say how many times.
Built hundreds of websites for very happy clients.
Beat terminal cancer.

I don’t take a whole lot of pride in the last one. I was pretty much just along for the ride. But I AM pretty happy about it. It gave me the chance to love passionately a couple more times.

So, what am I up to now?
Well, I’m not sure. I’m semi-retired, that is to say I work when I need to but I’m really trying to enjoy my life. There’s a good chance the cancer will kill me and I don’t want to have my last days filled with the 9 to 5 (or the noon to 4am that website design took up) that marked a lot of my life.

I still need money, not a lot, but some. So if you need a website built and you’d like someone with over 20 years of experience, I’m available. I also have a pretty good camera and can do photography. Or you can just give me money & I’ll thank you on my YouTube channel. Apparently that’s a thing these days. I’d rather work for my money though. It just feels right.

Check out my website design pages and my photography pages. My goofing off pages are where I have the most fun though.